Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unexpected and Perfect

"Unexpected and Perfect" is a phrase on my mind. It sums up the last year especially. But goes beyond that, deeper than that. It sums up life.

So, it's mid January and I need time for sewing and meditating and resting. 
Injuries are nagging.
Social life is wanting.
Travelling - and moving in general - is overdue.
Creativity is rising and there are more and more outlets for expression - I just gotta grab 'em.


  1. 1. I can't fix your injuries, but I can bitch about mine with you and we can have a injury bitch fest together.

    2. At least for today, your social life is way fab! See you soon!

    3. Is your overdue move one that is away from here? I hope not! But if it is, and you need to do it, you totally should. Dream it, do it girl.

    4. Creativity is ooooozing out yo' pores-it's awesome and so are you.

    I think you are the must unexpected and perfect friend that I made last year.


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